N-LIST Inflibnet Facility

An extended facility for the research scholars to access Online journals

‘National Library and Information Services Infrastructure for Scholarly Content (N-LIST Inflibnet)’ is subscribed by the college since 2019. N-LIST Inflibnet remains one of the most user-friendly software extended by the Government of India towards providing the very baseline infrastructural support, specifically to the research scholars in the form of free access to Online journals, which normally could only be accessed or retrieved after being duly paid for the same. With a total of 413 research scholars currently enrolled in the college and 98 research guides, N-LIST Inflibnet's practical benefits could hardly be overstated.  

Even though the institution has subscribed to 46 research journals across all the subjects being taught in the college, through Inflibnet, the faculty, as well as the research scholars, can have access to a substantially lot of journals, which exclusively include standard Journals, and which are not just peer-reviewed but more importantly are included in the most widely recognized Citation Indexed list of Journals by Thomson Reuters. Few of the recognized Publishing firms/Webs/Libraries, which are accessible through Inflibnet are the following; American Institute of Physics (18 journals), Annual Reviews (33 journals), Economic and Political Weekly, Indian Journal (180+ Journals, Institute of Physics (46 titles), JSTOR (2500+ Journals), Oxford University Press (262+ journals), Cambridge University Press (224+ Journals from 2010-16), Cambridge Books Online (1800+ Journals), E-Library (185000 titles), Oxford Scholarship (1402+ Journals and Books), Springer e-books (1800+ books), Sage publication e-books (1000+ books), Taylor and Francis e-books (1800+ titles), Mylibrary-McGraw Hill 1124+ books), SWAYAM, NPTEL and e-PG Pathshala, E-ShodhSindhu, among others. In brief, we have access to 6000+ Journals, 199500+ ebooks under NLIST, and 600000+ ebooks through the National Digital Library of India (NDL).

Mr. S.N. Sidh, Assistant Professor, Department of Geography is In-charge of this facility, and he can be contacted at Mob- 9411109852.