Code of conduct for administrative head

  The principal and all the administrative head 
  •  Should be a dynamic and democratic administrator.
  •  Should be punctual and sincere in work.
  •  Should monitor all activities of the college campus efficiently and more importantly effectively.
  •  Should call me when staff meetings periodically towards taking appropriate and sound decision towards overall development of the college.
  •  Should observe the maintenance of the college campus properties.
  •  Should be proactive in taking initiative to introduce new programmes/courses related to the needs of the changing times, and should upgrade thepedagogical inputs.
  •  Should encourage the heads of the departments to organise conferences, seminars, symposia, workshops, as well as invited expert lectures.
  •  Should behave in impartially, and endeavour to maintain a cordial relationship with the members of the staff, students, and other stakeholders.
  •  Should make extra effort to monitor both academic and administrative activities efficiently as well as effectively.
  •  Should acknowledge as well as appreciate the academic and other achievements of the staff as well as other stakeholders.
  •  head should be accountable to all the stakeholders.
  •  Should endeavour to facilitate good rapport between the administration and the staff.
  •  Should hear patiently the grievances of not just the students, but staff in general, as well as the parents or guardians of the students.
  •  Should insist on discipline, punctuality, and accountability of students as well as staff.
  •  Should focus on the need for efforts at the institutional level for the placement of the students for different jobs by inviting reputed firms and organisations to hold campus interviews.
  • The principal and all the administrative head encourage staff members for continuous knowledge up-gradation via various activities like research work, and workshops, seminars, authorship.
  • The principal and all the administrative head should be responsive to monitor the character or behaviour of the students in lives or nationalism, patriotismm social commitments, and individual achievements.
  • The principal should plan review and implement short and long-term plan of action for the progress of students and the institute.
  • The principal should forward and unbiased confidential report of all staff members to the higher authorities.